The Why

This graph illustrates how the Lord has richly blessed GCA since its inception with tremendous growth, but our philosophy has always been to grow intentionally while staying true to the mission to be distinctly Christian and academically excellent. One of the hardest aspects of managing this increase has been to accept a limited number of qualified families due to space limitations. In the 2018-19 year alone, we had 29 applications for the freshmen class and only 16 spots available. This caused us to have to turn away great families who met all of the admission requirements, because we didn’t have the space to accept their students.

Some have asked whether our growth has increased in recent years because we decreased our admissions standards; however, the answer is quite the opposite. Our admissions process has become more rigorous and selective each year as we continue to unapologetically adhere to our mission without compromising our high standards. The GCA administration and faculty do not want to be the largest Christian school in the area. We simply want to partner with Christian families as we meet the growing need for a distinctly Christian school in our community. The consistent increase in enrollment and admissions inquiries has shown us the need for additional facilities on our campus.

Student Enrollment

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``There is no vehicle, vacation, or lifestyle that I would ever want in place of what we’ve poured into here.``

Heather Williams, GCA parent

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